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What is a Channel Makers Insider?

In-Depth Insights on Real Channels

We’ve always wanted to be able to help in a more meaningful way, and we think we’ve found the way!

Each month, we select a member of the Channel Makers Insider group to perform an in-depth audit of their channel. WE WILL NOT be doing this for anyone else other than members of Project 24, my YouTube System. We treat this audit like you paid a full consulting fee (current price $500/hr) and do a core strategy audit of everything happening on the channel and connected sites or social sites. 

These audits are a no filter, full teardown of a channel (could be yours!) every single month. We cover any niche, and provide real actions steps that channel needs next. These audits are NOT shared publicly, only with members of Project 24 and Channel Makers Insiders!

First Dibs on Data Reviews

A favorite type of video on the Channel Makers YouTube channel is reviews of real channels or videos to provide data-backed insights or answers to burning questions. We’ve always valued real answers based on real data over opinions, and we think you do also. 

As part of the Insiders group you’ll know about these data reviews before anyone else publicly, and have the opportunity to share your channel with us at least 24 hours before anyone else. We’ll be giving preference to these answers to feature within the videos produced from the data. That means your channel is much more likely to be shared, reviewed by name and given a shout-out within videos on Channel Makers!

These emails will only happen when there’s a new video in the works for Channel Makers!

First-to-know on Meaningful Updates

In addition to the above, you’ll be first to know about any updates happening on the Channel Makers channel, updates on Project 24, contests, or other interesting tidbits we’re burning to share. 

These emails will be far less frequent, only happening when there’s something valuable you want to hear about. In fact, our aim is to only send you an email as an Insider when something meaningful is happening. We will not spam you or sell your information ever. 

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