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What John says about Project 24

HUGE thanks to the entire Income School team, and everyone in the Project 24 community.

The YouTube System more than exceeded my expectations. When I first joined Project 24, I only had 45 subscribers and no idea how to run a successful YT channel.

I followed every action step in the course and it completely opened my mind to new possibilities. The details he goes into are powerful. All I had to do was follow their advice, and boom, it worked like magic.

I started recording more videos, getting more specific in my niche, saving time, becoming more efficient, connecting with my audience, and growing the channel little by little.

Then bam! I had two kite videos with 15k+ views and they brought my baseline of views up to 2,500.

Now I post an 8-22 minute video every day. I’m at a point where it’s all rhythm and second nature. I can make a thumbnail, record, edit, and post a video in under an hour. Compare that to my first few videos which would require 4-50 hours each.

My advice to you is to stay true to the YT video course. Follow all of their advice.

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