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How to Deal with a Copyright Strike on YouTube (And My Experience)

Copyright strikes can be a very frustrating and difficult situation to deal with. For instance, a channel can be permanently deleted if it receives three copyright strikes, making it so that the creator can’t even retrieve their content back. However, how do you deal with getting a Copywrite strike on YouTube? To deal with a […]

How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

Gaming channels, present since almost the beginning of YouTube, are still popular today. Legendary YouTube gamers like Markiplier, Pewdiepie, and MrBeast get millions of subscribers and views, and people love to daydream about one day starting a career like theirs. You could start a gaming channel, too! To start a YouTube Gaming Channel, choose a […]

Should I Start a YouTube Channel or Website

As years continue, more and more people are creating channels and becoming YouTubers. And so as this continues every year more people ask if they should start their channels. Whether it be to try and earn some extra money, to create funny content for people to enjoy, or just to express themselves, lots of people […]

What Should I Name My YouTube Channel?

The decision of what to name a YouTube channel is a tough one. Creators don’t want a name that is too cutesy, but they also don’t want one that will dampen the mood. Luckily, choosing the perfect name for your new YouTube channel is a lot easier than you are making it out to be. […]

A Complete YouTube Channel Setup (Step-by-Step)

Having your own YouTube channel appeals to a lot of people. It is fun to create and share videos, and it can also be a money-making opportunity. Setting up the perfect channel can be intimidating if you haven’t done it before, but it actually quite simple. Setting up a successful YouTube channel requires creating a […]

How to Make a YouTube Video (Step-by-Step)

Many people nowadays find YouTube to be the supreme spot of entertainment and information. And there are many others who would like to be YouTubers and create videos for everyone to see and like, but how do you get started? To make a YouTube video, a person must find a topic that interests them and […]

How to Film Your First YouTube Video

Anyone who’s ever made it big on YouTube has started somewhere. For a lot of people, filming the first video is the biggest barrier to pass for working on YouTube. Step 1: Don’t Think Too Hard Of course, you do need to think about what you’re doing, but this is your first video! The longer […]

How to Add Chapters to Your YouTube Videos (and Why)

YouTube creators can do many things to their videos. They can even create chapters and label them. However, what do you need to do to add chapters to a YouTube video, and why should you do it? To add chapters to YouTube videos, log into the YouTube account and click on “edit video”. Then, go […]

How to Get People to Click on Your Videos

Growing your channel on YouTube isn’t as easy as making cool videos. You might have uploaded the most amazing video ever, but if no one clicks on it, the world will never see it! It is important to consider other elements that will draw the viewer in. To get people to click on a YouTube […]

Understanding the YouTube Algorithm (A complete guide)

If you are a content creator wanting to monetize your YouTube channel, it is of the utmost importance that you understand how the site’s algorithm works. This way, you can work with it and strategize around it to produce video content that the algorithm will favor. Let’s talk about how to become a YouTube algorithm […]

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