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The Project 24 System


1. Creating Content isn't Positioned to Stand Out

With Millions of creators on YouTube, it’s extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd.  If there’s the slightest chance your channel is getting lost, you will always struggle to get traction.

2. Videos That aren't Getting and Keeping Attention

Capturing and holding your audience’s attention is critical to your channel’s success.  If you’re not getting eyeballs on your content AND keeping them watching, your channel will never grow. 

3. Your Channel isn't Getting Qualified Feedback

Feedback from your audience is essential, but the wrong feedback can harm rather than help. Without qualified feedback from people from people who understand YouTube Strategy, so much of your time is wasted guessing.

4. You're Not Making as Much Money as You Should

Nearly every YouTube channel we’ve seen is missing huge opportunities to improve their income. One of the biggest reasons people creating is because they don’t make enough money, soon enough. 

What We Can Do For You

Project 24 was designed to help people at every level to improve their skills as Content Creators and Internet Entrepreneurs to better provide for themselves and their families

Get Fast
Reliable Views

Getting eyeballs on your videos is no small task.  With strategies like drafting and other skills like making killer thumbnails and titles, you’ll be getting views in no time. 

Show Up

Whether you’re targeting search traffic with tutorials and how-to’s or looking for those sweet browse and suggest views, we will help you show up exactly where you want to. 

Make More Money :)

Learn all the best strategies for earning an income from your channel with proven methods like optimizing ads, maximizing affiliate marketing, and creating info products and memberships.

Get the Real
Help You Need

Attend a live Mastermind event to get your questions answered or jump into to the amazing Project 24 community full of others who have successfully done what you’re trying to do right now. 

Grow Your Business

Your channel is a real business. You will learn how to identify what is and isn’t working to ensure that every video you post is working for you and helping you achieve your goals. Online business isn’t something you should navigate alone. 


Connect with other content creators in your industry and find opportunities to work together to grow your business. With member led masterminds, meet ups and community interactions, you can find great people who are taking their growth just as seriously as you are. 

What’s Inside Project 24:

The Full YouTube System 

Success on YouTube shouldn’t be a matter of luck; it can actually be very predictable and repeatable. Every content creator needs…

  1. the right channel topic and archetype for them…
  2. the right video types for content…
  3. the right skills for execution…

The YouTube System in Project 24 is designed to help you master all 3 and more!

When you combine those skills with the right process you have a formula for a channel that grows and makes money, predictably. That’s our aim with The Project 24 YouTube System, which includes: 

Ricky Kesler, Founder

Exclusive Youtube Process

Our step-by-step process for YouTube that’s been proven now by hundreds of successful YouTubers to take a channel from brand new, or wherever you are right now, to making a full-time income+

Custom tools

We've built custom tools to help kick off your channel, track your channel archetypes and goals, choose and plan videos and more. And yep, they're all included for free!!

bonus courses

The YouTube System has everything you need to take your channel full-time, but over the years as our members have asked about other monetization opportunities, or running a website, we've added courses on all of them! They are all geared to helping you build a lasting online brand.

Project 24 Mobile Website
(And app!)

Live Virtual Masterminds

We host a variety of live masterminds (usually several per month) so that you can get questions answered directly as well as find help and collaborate with other Project 24 members. Project 24 members can also host their own mastermind support/accountability groups.

Members-Only Podcast

We publish a secret podcast (shhhh) only for our Project 24 members. Of course talking about our YouTube experiences, industry trends, experiments and warnings BEFORE we talk about them our YouTube channel—and there’s a lot from these podcasts that never makes it to YouTube.

Amazing & Active Community

Building a YouTube Channel to a full-time income is hard work, and most people will quit before they make it. What’s missing is often the right support system. Our Project 24 community is AWESOME for that. Seriously, people are posting questions, answers, success stories, and encouragement almost constantly! Members tell us all the time that the community alone is worth the whole cost, and honestly, we agree.

Podcasts by Julia and Nathan

**Shhh... Here's a Sneak Peak!**

– Project 24 Snapshots –

Additional Resources in Project 24:

The Blogging System

One of the things we talk about in the YouTube System is owning your audience. One of the best ways to do that is with your own website. YouTuber's who've leveraged this protect their channel and livelihood as well as seriously increase their earning potential.

Battleship Method

The ideal is to create perfect content from the start. But without perfect data, it’s tough to do. But as you publish content and see how it performs, you get actionable data. The Battleship Method is how we use that data to optimize our content.

Info Product Course

Creating your own information product(s) is one of the most profitable options for any YouTube channel, and we have an entire course dedicated to teaching how to build, market and sell your own.

Authority with E.A.T.

Authoritativeness is increasingly important when trying to rank on Google. In this course we’ll show you how to take a brand new site with no reputation and build authority with E-A-T.

Affiliate Marketing Course

Another GREAT option for channel makers like you is to utilize affiliate marketing, so that when you recommend a product or service on your channel, you get a commission. The tricky part is doing it well, and we made an entire course to help with that.

Even if this only got you to success one WEEK sooner, your investment will have paid off.

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