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Is it Free to Start a YouTube Channel?

Creating content on Youtube is growing in popularity, and since the boom in creators during quarantine in 2020 it has become more and more enticing to many. What does this passion, and sometimes career, require of its creators? You do not have to pay to create a channel, post, or interact with videos on Youtube. […]

A Complete YouTube Channel Setup (Step-by-Step)

Having your own YouTube channel appeals to a lot of people. It is fun to create and share videos, and it can also be a money-making opportunity. Setting up the perfect channel can be intimidating if you haven’t done it before, but it actually quite simple. Setting up a successful YouTube channel requires creating a […]

Do I Need an Intro and an Outro for my Videos?

If you’re just starting out your YouTube channel, you might be noticing that one major difference between your videos and your favorite YouTuber’s videos is that they have intros and outros and you don’t. They look super complicated to make, though, so do you really need one? A content creator doesn’t need an intro or […]

What Is a CTA (Call to Action)

We hear about calls to action all the time, but what does that actually mean? Why are businesses, political members, and medication companies always talking about a call to action? A call to action is a phrase, word, or button that encourages people to buy or do something as soon as they see it. YouTubers […]

How to Make a YouTube Video (Step-by-Step)

Many people nowadays find YouTube to be the supreme spot of entertainment and information. And there are many others who would like to be YouTubers and create videos for everyone to see and like, but how do you get started? To make a YouTube video, a person must find a topic that interests them and […]

How to Film Your First YouTube Video

Anyone who’s ever made it big on YouTube has started somewhere. For a lot of people, filming the first video is the biggest barrier to pass for working on YouTube. Step 1: Don’t Think Too Hard Of course, you do need to think about what you’re doing, but this is your first video! The longer […]

How to Use YouTube Analytics to Grow Your Channel

Digital platforms are becoming more engaging and more competitive than ever before, which means content creators everywhere ask the following: How do I increase the online traffic of my channel? How do I keep my viewers engaged? YouTube provides content creators free access to a dashboard of analytics. This data includes sources of traffic, levels […]

What Are The Most Important YouTube Analytics?

Do you check YouTube analytics often? Do you know which ones you should be most concerned about? If you are curious about which YouTube analytics are most important to be watching, you are in the right place! The most important YouTube analytics are watch time, impressions, click-through rate, most popular videos, audience information, actions per […]

10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Whether you’ve never posted a video on Youtube before, or you’ve been working for years to grow your channel, understanding how to make money with Youtube is crucial to continuing growth. With multiple Youtubers achieving multi-millionaire status, doing Youtube full-time has become a lucrative opportunity not only to pay the bills, but also to get […]

How to Add Chapters to Your YouTube Videos (and Why)

YouTube creators can do many things to their videos. They can even create chapters and label them. However, what do you need to do to add chapters to a YouTube video, and why should you do it? To add chapters to YouTube videos, log into the YouTube account and click on “edit video”. Then, go […]

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