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Is it Free to Start a YouTube Channel?

Creating content on Youtube is growing in popularity, and since the boom in creators during quarantine in 2020 it has become more and more enticing to many. What does this passion, and sometimes career, require of its creators?

You do not have to pay to create a channel, post, or interact with videos on Youtube. Creating an account comes with no additional cost and any account on the platform is able to post videos free of charge for the public to see. It is simple, easy, and free to use Youtube.

So what is stopping you from starting today? Well, posting might be free, but there is no guarantee that your videos will be viewed, suggested, or searched for. You need quality videos in order to increase views and quality comes at a price. Let’s take a look at the other expenses that can come from starting a Youtube channel.


In order to get more views and more interaction on your channel, it is imperative your videos are viewer-friendly. This means they must look good. Investing in a good camera can mean more potential for the future of your channel as well.

There are many options when it comes to cameras. There are so many that it can get overwhelming. However, there are different types of cameras as well.


Standard cameras can get very expensive. Brand cameras like Canon and Sony are professional and can be manipulated to get the best look for every type of video whether it be a vlog, streaming, gaming, or any other type of video you wish to create. However, they are not the only option.


Webcams are used mainly for gaming and streaming. This can be a great option for chat vlogs as well but is not very practical for vlogging and mobile filmed videos.


Surprisingly, smartphones are an incredibly viable and effective filming option. Many smartphones like iPhone and Samsung have been developing more complex cameras and technology to make filming easier and more professional looking. There are many video filming and editing apps to choose from on each platform.

The expense of a camera can be easily avoided with the use of a smartphone and if you do not already own a smartphone with high-quality video technology, buying one would not be an expense solely for your Youtube channel because it is also your phone.


Audio is another element of your video that you must think of. It is important to be understood clearly. Have you ever watched a video that you couldn’t hear very well, or the sound was garbled and fuzzy? That is the kind of thing that makes a viewer click away from a video immediately. So investing in a good audio system is rather worth it.

Audio devices are easy to set up for smartphones. Bluetooth and AUX microphones are very intuitive when paired with smartphones. It can get a little more complicated when it comes to standard cameras.

Standard cameras and webcams both require outside microphones unless they already have impressive audio quality. It is not too difficult to find these audio systems, however. Audio attachments are often offered and paired together with cameras that are compatible with the software.

On-Camera microphones are great options for Youtubers who will be vlogging, far away from the mic, or moving around a lot. Still recording microphones are far too heavy for these activities and are usually used for streaming, gaming, and chat vlogs. It is important to think about the type of content you will be creating when choosing the appropriate microphone.


Lighting is crucial for the recording of a video. There are plenty of options to choose from, as with everything, but this category can very easily be worked around with lamps that have the correct colored light and good placing of them.

Colored light

Yellow and white lights are the most common, with blue lights coming in third. If you figure out the correct balance of these harsh and soft lights, your video will look great even without fancy video lights. White light is the type you want to go for when lighting your scene. Make sure it’s not pointing directly at your face, or else it will shine. Make sure the light distribution is almost even on both sides of you.

Ring Lights

Ring lights are the most popular for Youtubers nowadays. This is because the ring light will shine evenly around you but when you keep your face centered in it, you will remain softly lit and not have a harsh shine.

Softbox Lights

Softbox lights are the kind you see set up on grade school picture day. They are large and emulate light coming from a window. They spread their soft light through a covering so that it seems like a consistent spread of light like that which would come from your window.

LED On-Camera Lights

These lights are mounted on top of your camera and work much like the flash that a standard camera would give off, but bigger and consistent. This is best for vlogging and on-the-go work due to its battery life and portability. The color of the light is adjustable as well as the light’s power.

Natural Lighting

Honestly, nothing beats the natural light of the sun. Cameras work best with natural lighting instead of artificial, most likely because the light is not coming from a specific place or stronger in one spot. If you are able to film outside, this is a cheap (and arguably the best-looking) option to get great lighting in your videos.


Finally, be aware that your content may cost money. Depending on what you intend to create, your content can cost you much more than you may first assume. For example, if you plan on making a baking channel, the cost of ingredients would add up and not pay themselves off immediately. If you had a video game channel, new games or systems might pull from your wallet more than you’d like.

Be aware that you won’t start making money from your Youtube channel right away, especially if you aren’t posting consistently to save money. Gauge how much you are willing to spend and how often you think you will film based on how reliant you are for this to become a lucrative endeavor.

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