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Best Camera for YouTube Beginners

Creating content for Youtube can be challenging in the beginning, but the first step is to decide what you will film on. Do you need to buy the most expensive camera out there? Will your computer’s webcam work? Here’s some information to help you on your way.

The best camera for YouTube beginners is the easy-to-understand smartphone camera. Equipped with auto-modes and editing software, the smartphone is already used for everything. Cameras can be pricey, and shooting with a smartphone, in the beginning, is a safe place to start a Youtube career from.

But which smartphone has the best video technology? Which is the best bang for your buck? Let’s dive into these questions so you can find the best camera for you.


These days, almost all phones come with powerful software that boosts the look of videos. They come with auto-modes in their built-in apps but also have plenty of variety of apps for manual video shooting and altering. Newer smartphone cameras have the ability to blur backgrounds, a heavily desired look for Youtube videos. However, for a beginner, which smartphone would be the best for starting to film for Youtube? Here’s a list of great options and their prices.

iPhone 12

The iPhone has been a flagship of modern phones and innovative camera technology since its beginning. With plenty of compatible accessories and ever-improving specs, the iPhone finds itself on lists for any beginner camera.

The iPhone 12 has great wide and tight lenses, and if you are someone familiar with Apple, you’ll find that playing around with the video and shooting software is as intuitive as anything else. It has great lighting and stable audio that can easily be enhanced with an AUX or Bluetooth microphone.

It supports 4k video using HDR with Dolby Vision. You can purchase the iPhone 12 for $700.

Sony Xperia V3

This is a phone made by the camera company Sony. As you can imagine, it has incredible video shooting specs with 4k resolution at 120 frames per second. This is double what all the other competitors can offer. It comes with the cinema pro app, a premium video recording feature that allows for smooth shooting and editing and a polished look for your videos.

Coming in at a whopping $1,298, this phone makes the top of our list in price.

Samsung Note20 Ultra

The Note20 is the only smartphone on this list to offer 8k. With its res still 4k at 60 frames per second, and most viewing platforms barely run 4k yet, that 8k is not too enticing to blind us from the similarities it has with its competitors. It has great manual controls in the native videoing app, which allow you to customize many parts of your filming like light, exposure, and contrast.

One of the most promising and unique features the Note20 offers is the best front-facing camera on the market. While it will always look better to film with the more powerful back camera, it is worth noting that the front camera looks better than some other rear-facing cameras only a few years prior.

The Samsung Note20 Ultra weighs in at $1,150, rivaling the Sony for most expensive.

Samsung Galaxy A50

Moving away from the bank-breaking smartphone options, we have the Galaxy A50. Its video app is fine but not incredible. However, the video specs are good enough in general to make this list. The low-light shooting leaves something to be desired, but add a third-party recording app, and it makes a good camera for a beginning filmer. It does not have 4k, but as stated before, that is not a necessary spec.

With four cameras and the flexible shot that the option of four cameras gives you, for only $225 the A50 definitely deserves to be on this list. If anything, it is a great low-budget option for someone not too sure about filming yet.

Moto G9 Plus

Another budget-friendly phone, this Motorola only costs $250. Its AI smart mode suggests which camera mode would be best for each shot, and as a beginner that could help a lot. It has an impressive wide-angle and good stabilization. With a 4k res at 30pfs and 1080 at 120fps, this is a great option for a cheap and easy camera.


If you don’t want to use your phone to film your YouTube videos, there are still plenty of cameras out there that are great for beginners!


The GoPro Hero 10 ($500) or Hero 9 ($400) are great simple cameras for people who just want to film. They are perfect for outdoors and adventuring, the colors are stark and true to life, and it films in 4k.

The downside to this camera is the lack of audio. It will need a microphone attachment, but those are easy to find. Another downside is that, due to its high-resolution filming, you will need a faster computer in order to edit your videos. Overall, if you are looking for an adventuring camera for some awesome action shots for your YouTube channel, this one is for you.

Sony ZV1

This camera has a built-in lens, so while you won’t need to worry about buying and changing lenses when you first start out, it might limit you when you learn more down the line. However, this camera is the full package nonetheless.

It shoots in 4k, has no record limit, and offers a great out-of-box image. This means you won’t need to mess with anything to get started, just point and shoot. It has autofocus based on eye recognition, an intelligent auto mode that can adjust settings for your image and light changes, and has a flip-out screen, which allows you to see yourself as you’re filming.

It is great for livestream because of its full HDMI port. It also can be used for vlogs, as it is incredibly lightweight and portable due to its small design. Coming in at $750, this compact camera might be perfect for beginning YouTubers.

Sony ZV-E10

This camera is very similar to the ZV-1. The immediately noticeable difference is the changeable lens which gives you the ability to choose a wider or tighter shot than the other could give you based on what you want, or even use a stylized lens for projects.

While the ZV-1 runs at 24fps, this one runs at 11fps. It has a lot of the same specs as the ZV-1 with a few improvements to the design and quality of the image. This camera is sold for $700, a whole $50 less than its previous model.

Canon M50 l or ll

Canon is known for its powerful cameras, often used by the best in the business. The Canon M50 Marks I and II are great cameras for beginners who know they are going to want to grow in the quality and intricacies of their videos. The Canon camera comes with a great beginner mode that’s simple and easy to understand for simple recording.

With autofocus and 10fps, it is a great quality camera. One fault it has is its 4k resolution is not great. It can only run 4k at 24p. However, it has great 1080, which as mentioned above, is really all you need. It has a flip-out screen which is great for setting, and the M50 II can connect directly to your YouTube account.

The M50 Mark I can be found at $650 with the Mark II being around $700. For those who want a professional camera right off the bat, this one is for you.


The camera you choose should be based on the content you intend to create. Smartphones are great for vlogging or outdoor activities or even tripod setups. However, the options are very different for people who want to go into videogame streaming and letsplays. The best option for streamers is either full cameras or webcams that can hook up to your PC. Here are three of the best webcams:

Logitech Brio

This webcam had the best overall display of several others that were tested. It has autofocus and 4k at 30fps, which is fairly strong for a webcam. It also has 1080p at either 30 or 60 fps, and HD 720p at 30, 60, or 90 fps which claims to have a smooth finish.

It has an adjustable field of vision with the option of 65, 78, or 90 degrees diagonal. It also comes with omnidirectional microphones that record from a meter away and block out background noise. This webcam is sold for $200 and is a great option for beginner streamers.

Razer Kiyo

This webcam is great if you have a set budget. It offers 1080p at 30fps, and 720p at 60fps, with 480p at 30fps as well. It has autofocus and comes with a built-in ring light that helps to set up your lighting, especially if you are starting out.

At only $80, it is a great option that will perform even better than some more expensive options on the market.

Logitech Streamcam

This webcam has great overall specs. It records in 1080p at 60fps and can stream at this resolution as well. It has a great performing auto-focus that follows you with AI recognition. It also can auto-adjust the exposure in real-time to ensure true and consistent color.

One of the most compelling specifications of this webcam is its easily adjustable build. It is built to be able to swivel and turn and tilt to whatever direction you feel is perfect. This can be very helpful for new streamers, as learning how to frame can be hard. Coming in at $150, this webcam is one of, if not the, best out there.

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