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Why Did Nate Black Leave Channel Makers

A man with curly hair looks at a camera that displays his image on the screen.

I’ve received a lot of questions about the events surrounding Nate Black leaving the Channel Makers YouTube channel and I’ve heard even more speculation. Due to the misinformation and false assumptions that have spread, it’s become necessary for me to explain those events. The purpose of this post is to cover the major events surrounding […]

What is a Copyright Strike on YouTube?

If you are fairly new to being a YouTuber, you have probably heard of how dangerous a copyright strike can be. However, you may not know what a copyright strike actually is and how to avoid them. A copyright strike on YouTube is when YouTube takes down content that infringes on another person’s copyright. YouTube […]

What Equipment do YouTubers Use?

Let’s face it. We’ve all thought about being famous on YouTube before. We’ve thought about it, and longed for a viral channel that has lots of subscribers and maybe even makes us money! When you really get down to it and decide you’re going to be a YouTuber, the first thing you should think about […]

Is it Hard to Start a YouTube Channel?

Youtubing can be hard to start up, but it isn’t impossible. It takes a lot of hard work for your channel to be successful. Starting a YouTube channel isn’t easy. You have to be patient to get desired results. There are lots of little factors that go into it like videography, marketing, creating, editing, and […]

Is it too Late to Start a YouTube Channel?

Many people on the internet today have grown up using YouTube. You may remember the YouTube giants that became household names, and whose videos were played and replayed worldwide. With all the changes in online and real-world culture, including the rise of Twitch and other channels, is it too late to start your own YouTube […]

Is It Safe to Start a YouTube Channel?

There are plenty of good reasons why someone would want to start their own YouTube channel. However, most people who want to start recording don’t take the time to sit down and think about the risks of doing so. It is safe to start a YouTube channel. YouTube defends the privacy and data of content […]

What is a Brand Account on YouTube?

A brand account on YouTube is an account that companies or brands use. It is helpful because you can have multiple managers on the account, without having to share a password. Brand accounts allow companies to add multiple managers to the YouTube account and have access to it. Instead of the main owner having to […]

Is it Free to Start a YouTube Channel?

Creating content on Youtube is growing in popularity, and since the boom in creators during quarantine in 2020 it has become more and more enticing to many. What does this passion, and sometimes career, require of its creators? You do not have to pay to create a channel, post, or interact with videos on Youtube. […]

Do I Need an Intro and an Outro for my Videos?

If you’re just starting out your YouTube channel, you might be noticing that one major difference between your videos and your favorite YouTuber’s videos is that they have intros and outros and you don’t. They look super complicated to make, though, so do you really need one? A content creator doesn’t need an intro or […]

What Is a CTA (Call to Action)

We hear about calls to action all the time, but what does that actually mean? Why are businesses, political members, and medication companies always talking about a call to action? A call to action is a phrase, word, or button that encourages people to buy or do something as soon as they see it. YouTubers […]

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