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Best RGB Lights For YouTubers

For most people, the difference between a good video and a great video is lighting. For YouTubers, a professional lighting system may be out of the question, making RGB lights the best option. RGB lights come in all shapes and sizes, at very different prices.

The best RGB lights for YouTubers are the IVISII G2, the Atomcube RX1, and the Godox M1. Each of these brands ranks among the highest reviewed for tint accuracy, design, and battery life. With a portable design and affordable price, these RGB lights are the best option for YouTubers.

But knowing what RBG lights are popular and work well doesn’t tell you why they are good. The article will explore each of the options above to give you a thorough understanding of the RGB lights for you.

What are RGB Lights?

RGB lights are LED lights that produce red, green, and blue light. The amount of each color light can be increased or decreased. Using different combinations of red, green, and blue light different hues of colored light can be produced.

Colored light is useful when creating videos. RGB lights are used to adjust the lighting when filming videos. The lights are usually rectangular and mounted on metal stands or tripods. Some can be mounted on a camera for convenience. Flooding the scene with light, RGB lights can make a big difference in the overall quality of a video.

RGB lighting can be adjusted to make a video look dark, bright, warm, cold, etc. Setting the lights to flash different colors can mimic the lights of a police car, a dance party, and other environments. The lights can be set to make a scene feel hot and sunny, or cold and cloudy. With some adjustments, lights can make a person seen smaller or bigger. Placing lights on certain objects or areas can highlight them, drawing the attention of viewers.


The IVISII G2 is the best-rated RGB pocket video light available. Available through Amazon for only $70, the IVISII G2 is a quality light at an affordable price. It ranks among the highest in testing for battery life, design, and portability. Overall, the IVISII G2 is the best, most affordable, and high-quality RGB pocket video light.

Battery life is an important component of an RGB pocket light. The IVISII G2 has a battery life of over three hours on its highest setting. The battery is rechargeable and doesn’t need to be replaced often. YouTubers will love this light that rarely runs out of power and can be recharged anywhere with an outlet.

The IVISII G2 also comes with a tripod. While most RGB pocket lights can attach to a tripod, the G2 has its own tripod made for travel. The tripod is compact and easy to use and small enough to fit in a backpack. The height and angle of the tripod can be changed easily.

For most YouTubers, an affordable price is a significant factor in choosing a light. The IVISII G2 is only 70 dollars including the tripod. Most RGB pocket lights cost around $150. Considering the IVISII G2 has some of the highest ratings, its price is exceptionally good.

The intuitive design of the IVISII G2 makes it one of the most popular lights. For people new to video lighting, the G2 makes learning very easy. The controls on the side panel are labeled in simple terms. Using the G2 doesn’t require any training or research. For YouTubers, this light is the best choice.


The AtomCUBE RX1 is high quality and comes with its own app. The light can be mounted on a light stand and has an adjustable arm. Selling at around $170, the AtomCUBE is an excellent option for YouTubers looking for an easy-to-use, high-quality light.

Using an app for an RGB pocket light can make lighting much easier. The AtomCUBE comes with a simple app that can be downloaded on an iPhone, iPod, or Mac computer. The color, hue, and brightness of the light can be adjusted through the app with just a touch. The app comes pre-programmed with common lighting scenes.

The app also allows users to connect multiple AtomCUBEs together and sync the lighting. YouTubers can place the AtomCUBEs anywhere and control the lights from their phone. The app saves a lot of time when fixing lighting issues and adjusting the lighting for different scenes.

The AtomCUBE was rated highest for tint accuracy. Tint accuracy is a measurement of whether or not the light produces the color it should be producing. The red, green, and blue lights and their adjustments were all correct with the AtomCUBE. The light also had the best light output. The AtomCUBEs brightness and clarity make it one of the best RGB pocket lights money can buy.

The arm on the AtomCUBE is adjustable, allowing users to make small changes to lighting without resetting the entire system. The light can be mounted on a stand, but requires the use of a screwdriver to do so.

Godox M1

The Godox M1 is a foldable, adjustable light. It usually sells for around $130. The light ranks highest in temperature accuracy, design, and quality of build.

Like the AtomCUBE, the Godox M1 has an adjustable arm. The adjustable arm folds in any direction and can extend quite far. The arm also folds up origami-style for a compact look.

The M1 ranked the highest for temperature accuracy. Temperature accuracy allows for lighting to reflect a certain temperature, making videos look warmer or cooler. Godox is especially accurate. A video with incorrect temperatures will have different lighting than one with correct temperatures. Viewers can usually tell the difference in lighting temperatures, though the differences may be small.

Like the IVISII G2, the Godox M1 has a great design. The light is made of metal, not plastic, and won’t break easily. An RGB pocket light should be durable and portable. The Godox M1 is both durable and portable and has an appealing design.

In this video, Channel Makers tests RGB pocket lights, like the ones offered by GVM, Neewer, and Weeylite. Channel Makers goes into more detail on each of the pocket lights and tests several features of each.

How to Find a Good RGB Light

Finding a good RGB light for YouTube videos starts with looking at specific components of the light. Accuracy, design, and convenience are all important in determining which RGB light is best for your needs.

Tint Accuracy

Tint accuracy is an important factor in an RGB light. RGB lights will give a number or another measurement indicating which color it is giving off. However, the color isn’t always the correct color. An RGB light may give off a shade of green at a certain level, but the shade of green isn’t correct. Having correct colors in videos helps with lighting and ensures you’ll have the best quality.

Temperature Accuracy

Temperature accuracy measures how cool or warm a light is. An RGB light with poor temperature accuracy will show you the wrong temperatures. Having a light with accurate temperatures makes a video stand out and viewers will enjoy the video more.

Light Output

Light output measures how bright the light is. Some RGB lights don’t produce as much light as others. For scenes that need a lot of light, light output is a crucial component. Be sure to measure the light output of an RGB light before purchasing if your videos require bright light.

Battery Life

Battery life is not equal in all RGB lights. While most lights are rechargeable, some require expensive batteries. These batteries only add to the cost of the light. The amount of charge a light can hold determines how long you can film and have good lighting. The best RGB pocket lights should last at least two hours and be rechargeable.

Quality Design

A light that breaks or is difficult to use isn’t worth the money. Make sure your RGB light is easy-to-use and durable. Good RGB lights should be made of thick plastic or metal. The arm should be strong, not flimsy. Play around with RGB lights before purchasing to make sure their design works for you.

Other RGB Options

RGB pocket lights aren’t the only options for lighting videos. Large RGB lights, while more expensive, may be a better option for your videos. These lights are mounted on light stands and can be moved and adjusted, but they aren’t for traveling. Many of the large RGB lights come with apps for light adjustments.

The larger RGB lights often have better tint and temperature accuracy and better light output. YouTubers can consider these lights if better lighting is needed for videos. Movies and television shows usually use these lights to light an entire scene.

You can also consider RGB light strips. These aren’t meant for filming videos, but they do help light a room. Light strips usually come with remote controls to adjust the lighting. They can be a permanent fixture in a room. If you don’t want your lights moving around, or want good overhead lighting, RGB light strips are a good option.

RGB light strips are also relatively cheap. High-quality ones will fetch a higher price, but cheaper ones are inexpensive. You can purchase a roll of light strips from Amazon for around thirty dollars.

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