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Do I Need a YouTube Channel for Marketing?

If you are an aspiring content creator on YouTube, you might be wondering what is required of YouTubers. Having a YouTube channel and keeping it relevant is quite the commitment, so some people wonder if they even need to have one.

If someone wants to become a YouTuber or get paid to make videos, they need to have a YouTube channel. YouTube channels allow content creators to more easily market their videos and to grow loyalty with their fan base. They also make it easier for YouTubers to find sponsors.

Let’s take a look at how a YouTube channel helps a creator and what it takes to make one.

Requirements for a Youtube Channel

A YouTube channel is a place where a creator posts all of their videos and content for a specific subject. YouTubers can have multiple channels for the different videos they make, or they can put everything that they do into one channel with different categories for the different kinds of videos.

The main advantage of having a YouTube channel is that if someone is interested in your videos and your content, there is an easy place for them to go to watch all of your other videos. YouTube pays its content creators by how many views they get on monetized videos and by how long those videos are, so a creator wants someone that sees one of their videos to have a place to go to see more videos made by that creator.

YouTube Channels have improved a lot over the years, with YouTube offering more and more customization options to the creators of a channel. Creators can add their own backgrounds and images to their channel, create lists of videos to group together into playlists, and they can even make introductory videos so new viewers can find out who they are and what kind of content they create.

Having their own YouTube channel also allows YouTubers to analyze their videos and how well they are doing. They can easily compare which videos were the most popular, how much of each video people watch, and how much traffic they get on their channel.

They can also get specific feedback from viewers by creating polls on their channel and by reading what people comment on their videos.

However, if you are not too worried about how many views you get or how much money you can make from your videos, a channel might just be a lot of work that isn’t as fun as making your videos, and you might need to consider posting your videos on a different platform.

For one thing, a YouTube channel requires almost constant attention from the creator to be successful. You have to be around to respond to questions and comments, you have to customize and develop the channel, and there is a certain expectation that if you have a YouTube channel, you produce content and videos on a regular basis.

People subscribe to a channel with the expectation that you will create a new video weekly. If you don’t want to set those kinds of expectations, having a YouTube channel is probably not right for you.


One of the main purposes that YouTubers create a channel is so that they can collect subscribers and build a fanbase. When a person is subscribed to a YouTube channel, they receive notifications whenever the channel gets updated with new content and when a new poll is created.

Because YouTube shows subscribers a lot more content from your channel, you can expect that your videos get a lot more views. For this reason, YouTubers try very hard to create channels that are inviting and make people want to subscribe. Having a high number of subscribers is the best way to guarantee that each of your videos receives an appropriate number of views.

For a YouTube channel, views on your videos are everything. YouTube pays content creators off of how many ads viewers watch, so maximizing the number of views on your videos is your first priority.

While YouTube doesn’t pay people by how many subscribers they have, having a large number of subscribers is necessary to make your videos reach a large audience and make sure that each video is at least somewhat successful, and you can’t have subscribers without a channel.

Furthermore, channels are recommended to people who are looking through YouTube partly based on how many subscribers a channel has. The YouTube Algorithm wants to keep viewers engaged and will try to match people to the channels that have a lot of engagement and a large number of subscribers. If you want to have your content be shown and marketed to as many people as possible, you need to have a channel with enough subscribers that YouTube will recommend your channel to other people.


The other main reason that content creators need to have a YouTube channel if they want to make money off of their work is in order to obtain sponsorships. Most YouTubers, once their channel gets enough attention, can be paid money by a company to sponsor their product. This usually entails having the streamer or video maker take time out of each of their videos to endorse the company’s product.

Companies that sponsor content creators look for the creators that have the widest reach and the most subscribers to their channel. They also pay attention to the kind of content that a YouTuber creates and how many people that regularly watch the channel’s videos watch the portion of the video that contains the sponsorship. If you can create a channel that fulfills these needs, you could make even more money from sponsors than you do from YouTube itself.

All in all, having a YouTube channel to post your content onto requires extra work from YouTubers, but it increases their marketability, how much money they make, and how many people they reach with their videos and other content. If you want to make money by making videos, you should create a YouTube channel.

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