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How To Get Views on YouTube

If you are looking into alternative ways to make money then YouTube might be the place you want to pay a visit to. There are millions of different people with millions of views creating millions of videos with different ideas surrounding them. You can be one of those people with millions of views, but the question is, how do you get those views on YouTube?

One of the best ways to get a lot of views on YouTube is to create new and improved content, especially time-sensitive and trendy content. There will be fewer videos about those trends out there and that makes it more likely that a viewer will click on a certain YouTuber’s video.

There are plenty of ways to attract viewers, but there are also plenty of ways to drive them away as well. YouTubers (new ones especially) need to be aware of all these things so they know how to effectively attract viewers to their channels. Here are a few ways to keep your channel buzzing with views!

Getting More Views

First of all, you need to do as directed above and try to create time-sensitive and trendy content. What exactly does this mean? According to Channel Makers, YouTube values recency and puts videos higher on the search list depending on what is popular. This means you ought to try and create videos that greatly surround trends that have recently begun.

If you do this, your videos will become part of a smaller group of videos that contain content about whatever trend you might have chosen. This makes it a lot easier for you to get more traffic on your channel. However, you have to get the jump on those trends and create the videos early. If you wait too long, those trends aren’t going to be nearly as popular because more and more people will have created content surrounding those trends. Do it before it’s too cool!

This is why trendy content can be labeled as time-sensitive content. If you jump on those trends before too many people have done so, the YouTube algorithm is twice as likely to have your videos in a pool of what’s popular simply because there are fewer of those videos to choose from. You will get plenty of views if you practice this carefully.

You will also want to carefully consider your audience. There are plenty of YouTubers that miss the mark, so to speak, as far as their content is concerned. You don’t want to be creating content designed to interest teens if your target audience is the older portion of the population. Carefully consider who you want to see your videos before you make them.

And remember, you need to be promoting actual views as much as possible. People simply clicking on your video does not always designate a view. A view means the viewer is staying for 3 seconds or more and then leaving the video. The more views a video gets, the larger audience YouTube will eventually expose it to.

If you want to get more views, you will also want to carefully consider and think through your ideas for each video. You are not going to get many more views if none of your videos have a clear and appealing message. It might be tricky, but if your videos don’t have a topic that’s going to be appealing for years to come, it’s not going to be worth anyone’s while.

You also need to make your videos entertaining. Of course, every video is different and there are a lot of ways to make them appealing to viewers. Just make sure the video is engaging enough that people are going to want to watch it until the very end of the video. Make sure there’s plenty of good energy and enough movement that your viewers are going to be attracted to as they watch.

What Drives Viewers Away?

Now we have to have an unfun conversation about what YouTube videos should not do. Because unfortunately, there are things out there that will drive viewers away as well as draw them in fast. Let’s talk about a few practices you want to avoid if you are to have a successful YouTube channel.

First of all, avoid monotony. If your videos are long, boring, and have no purpose, they aren’t going to get any views because the viewers are going to become uninterested pretty quickly. It is tough to strike the balance, but you simply have to choose topics and ideas for videos that are going to stay relevant and interesting. That’s what we call an evergreen video.

You also need to have a larger goal than simply just being monetized. Earning money from YouTube is a common practice nowadays and it’s been a great source of success for a lot of people. However, if you are so focused on earning money that you let everything else slide, you’re headed for trouble.

There have been money grabs out there that have proven successful and that’s the truth. However, most people can tell when there is little thought put into something. If all you care about is earning money, you are not likely to have anything really meaningful to boast on your channel. Believe me when I say this is a quick way to avoid earning money.

You again need to take careful stock of what your audience looks like. There have been viewers who create content they want and expect everybody to enjoy it. Everybody won’t enjoy everything you put out. You should, by all means, create content that you’re passionate about but you will also need to “give the people what they want” in a manner of speaking. Your content must be relevant!

And speaking of relevance, you need to avoid creating videos using trends, information, or ideas from, say, 15 years ago. There are some things out there that are perfectly timeless, but you seriously need to stay on top of trends. Doing what’s popular is easily the quickest way to start getting views on your channel.

If you aren’t going to try to improve over time, you aren’t going to grow your channel. Consistency is an important factor, at least to a certain degree. However, you should also prioritize consistently improving your content. Nobody knows exactly what they’re doing when they’ve immediately started a YouTube channel. You need to focus on producing better and better content.

Along with that, you should worry less about quantity and a lot more about quality. If you are overly concerned about publishing content right on schedule, there’s more than a likely possibility that you’re going to put something out there that isn’t ready for publication because it hasn’t been thought through or properly edited. That’s going to lose you some viewers real quick.

Ideas for Successful Videos

At this point, you should have a good idea of what you should and should not do if your goal is to have a successful, well-paying YouTube channel. The next thing to do is decide what to do in your YouTube videos. Here are a few popular suggestions that might bring your channel a lot of success and traffic.

First, you could try making some storytelling videos. This means you can take a well-known tale and tell that on your channel or you could even write your own stories and share those via videos. This is a fun way to hold a captive audience while showcasing some of your creative skills. There are so many ways to do this so get creative!

You can also do a few micro-videos (usually in the form of YouTube shorts). This could mean micro-projects in which you document your process while working on something (usually a house project) and then compile those little snippets into a short video. You can also do short reviews of products, foods, movies, or whatever else. These are not only popular but fairly useful as well.

As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to get a lot of views when you focus hard on the trends and popular ideas of the day. If you are out of ideas, you might try doing some recreations of things. This could be simply an object, a song, an experience, or anything else you can think of that could be recreated. People value familiarity so this is more than likely to have a few hits.

However, if you do choose to create a few recreations, you need to make sure you’re not just making copies of someone else’s project. Sure, there are going to be a few similarities here and there, but you need to twist this recreation so it can be attributed to you. Copying is beneath you, so you shouldn’t do that!

Last but not least, you can try sharing information on and about your trade if you’re a tradesman. This could mean sharing what a normal day looks like for you, giving some inside tips on how things work, and maybe teaching a few other things about that trade to other people. The possibilities here are endless so share anything and everything you might want to!

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