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How to Write a Youtube Script

There are many different ways to write YouTube scripts, but there are a few that are more popular. Consider also the writing style and person that needs to be portrayed.

One of the most popular and best ways to create a script for a YouTube video is to write out everything that someone wants to show and say. By doing this, there can be room for a little deviation during filming, but they have everything that needs to be said and shown completely written out.

That being said, there are many different techniques that can be used to create a YouTube Script. (Source) It also depends on what your subject matter is. Here are a few more things you can do while writing a script.

Bullet Points

A bullet point script can be very useful if you are good at remembering what you want to say and know what points you want to bring up.

When doing a bullet point script, these can be very good for tutorial videos, such as how to do your makeup. When doing a video like this, you can start with your first bullet being ‘introduction’ and add a few sub-bullets like, ‘merchandise announcement’, ‘what is the product?’, ‘introduce sponsor’, and several more like that. These are good if you want to do several types of announcements at the beginning of your video.

Your second bullet could be to announce what you are going to focus on in the video, you could say eyeshadow. You could then use extra bullets to remind yourself of techniques you wanted to talk about, like ‘how to hold the brush’, ‘What colors will match viewers’ skin tones’, ‘how to apply the eyeshadow’, or even ‘what brands are best.’

After this, you could go into the color pallets that you like most, and where you got them without having to be tied to a script. using bullet points can be good if you easily go on tangents so you can get back on track easily. As you go through the script you can add a heading and then add several sub-headings, detailing whatever you want to talk about.

As you go through the video you can review what you wanted to get across to your viewers and the small things you wanted to mention. This way you can be freer in the way you say things, while still remembering what you wanted to say. By using this method, you are able to easily deviate the script onto a story about something that happened that week, and then be able to easily get back on track with the script. (Source)

Write-All Script

With the write-all script, you can write it all. With this type of script, you may easily know whatever it is you need to say next. Creating this type of script takes a lot more time than the Bullet Point Script, as you write down everything you want to say and everything you are going to do in the video.

These videos are really good if your channel is a storytelling channel or one that deals with a lot of technical information. These videos are often fun or very informational.

Storytelling channels can be very fun to record, but there may also be more details that would be difficult to cover by using bullet points. By using the Write-All Script, you will write out everything you want to say word for word. You can split your stories up using paragraphs or small headings. If the story is long, then this could be nice so you can remember all of the details in order of occurrence, instead of bullet points, which may get jumbled.

When doing a story, you can write out whatever the first part of your story is and add notes in a different color of things you want to show on camera and when that might be depicting the event. When using paragraphs to split up the script, then you can use those paragraphs as markers and remember easily where you are.

Using paragraphs also help to keep the story in order and have all of the information on the subject be written down in a way that can affect the viewers’ emotions, in a more effective way, than if you were using bullet points. (Source)

Research Script

The research script can be useful when reacting to articles or other people’s videos. When using this type of script, watch other people’s videos and take notes on what they do in their content. If you are reviewing other people’s content, you can see what they are doing and determine what you may do differently. When taking notes, say what you would do differently in your own video and what you would keep.

Do not plagiarize. Plagiarism is illegal, and if you are caught YouTube will remove your video.

This can be very useful when making a reaction video because you want to find quality information and use that to educate your viewers. This can be very good for a script so you can find what you liked and didn’t like and you can write down what you wanted to cover that the other person may have done incorrectly. This is done a lot on YouTube and other different platforms and can be fun if you are a professional reviewing and critiquing other people’s techniques. (Source)

The No-Outline Script

When it comes to scripts, some people have a hard time with them. Some people wing it throughout the entire video. When using no script, it allows for a more natural flow of content. It allows people to not be stuck on a certain train of thought and allows them to flow through the information they want to share in a non-restrictive way.

Some people have a document that just has one or two points that they want to cover and they can easily use it to add to their content. This can be nice if you are very knowledgeable about the subject and do not need much of a reminder of what you want to cover.

And still, others will just outline the introduction to their video and are able to improvise it from there. Many people like this form of script as it helps them to remember things to mention at the beginning, but after that, they can easily discuss their subject and do an amazing job of it. (Source)

Recording Script

Similar to the No-outline Script, this script is mostly improvised. This type of script is used for real-life videos, mostly vlogging. When using the Recording script, you can walk around with your camera and record your daily life. This is very popular with informational content creators. One YouTuber named Molly Burke may use this type of scripting. (Source) She walks around in a lot of her videos and shows us how she functions in the world as a blind woman.

She will take videos of her life and then compile them into one large video. Many of these videos have segments where she talks about herself and how she functions in a seeing community. These types of videos can be used as real-life education videos, to help people understand your own situation and the struggles you have daily. Like Molly Burke, she struggles with her blindness and uses her YouTube channel to educate the sighted community on her own struggles and on ways the sighted community can be more accepting and kind to people in the blind community.

Many people will do this type of scripting so that they are able to show off their lives and how they do things, or what they like to do. When compiling the videos, you are also able to add commentary to what happened in a certain situation that you recorded. This can be fun when you have a conversation with someone in a loud place but the recording does not catch the audio. (Source)

This type of video is extremely popular, especially videos centered around families. Some YouTubers will stray from their original content and make a video like this. They do this because it gives the viewers a connection to the YouTuber. They can see what the person does in their everyday lives which allows them to see the YouTuber’s authentic self.

With Molly Burke, many people feel connected to her because she loves Starbucks. She is also very adventurous. Even though she is blind, she has gone skydiving, taken pottery classes, and she travels by herself all the time. By making these videos, people can see how she is treated, especially when it comes to her service dogs.

There are many different ways to script a youtube video. Some take longer to do than others and some take a shorter time. You can decide what you like and do it however you want to. Sometimes you may not even need a script to do your videos, but just your imagination. There are no wrong decisions when it comes to scripting.

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