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Is it too Late to Start a YouTube Channel?

Many people on the internet today have grown up using YouTube. You may remember the YouTube giants that became household names, and whose videos were played and replayed worldwide. With all the changes in online and real-world culture, including the rise of Twitch and other channels, is it too late to start your own YouTube channel?

It is not too late to start a YouTube channel. YouTube has over 2 Billion active users, and more than 1/4 of the world’s population uses YouTube. YouTube Premium and YouTube Music get new subscribers every day! All those people on YouTube are seeking new content and creators to watch.

That’s the short and simple answer. Keep reading below for more information, and some encouragement!

Youtube is for Everyone

Whether you’re a suburban dad looking for some barbecue tips, a small child who loves listening to the same song on repeat, or a university student hoping that somebody can teach you a concept a little more clearly than your professor, YouTube has something for you. That’s what made the site so popular in the first place! The funny cat videos got the world’s attention, and the content creators kept it.

When is the last time you used YouTube? How many videos did you see on there? Not all of those videos have millions of views. In fact, many useful niche videos only have a few hundred or maybe a thousand views. After all, there may not be high demand for the best way to prepare your local frog legs. Still, there is a demand, and demand could be for your content.

What About the Algorithm?

This is a concern that many people have. The YouTube algorithm looks at views, likes, and comments, and will recommend results based on popularity. This is especially true of the first 24 hours after a video is posted. Videos with thousands of followers waiting to watch are more likely to receive thousands of views.

This might sound daunting, but the algorithm can be your friend, too!

Remember that Youtube is a Search Engine. If you make a product review, a “how-to” video, or anything else that falls into a little bit of a niche, you’re likely to pop up on the search results. Even one or two likes and comments will push you up on the algorithm again, which leads to a few more likes and comments, and the cycle continues! Even better, anyone who interacts with your videos is likely to have more of your videos pop up on their feed later.

Take advantage of opportunities that are presented to you. Ride trends and respond to other videos. Get creative, and don’t give up!

How does Monetization Work Now?

When people talk about being “too late” for YouTube, this is often what they are referring to. Monetization is a big draw for people who have seen others make a career out of content creation! This is true across many streaming sites and much of Social Media, and even more so here because YouTube is associated with the start of paid content creation.

The old rules for monetization of YouTube, which allowed many smaller creators to monetize their channels, changed in 2018. All a pre-2018 creator needed to monetize their channel was 10,000 views in the entire lifetime of their channel. There was no requirement for subscribers. A relatively young channel could achieve that in a few months, which was still a grind but also fine with many patient people who were still learning the ropes.

To get into the new Youtube Partner Program, a channel needs 1,000 subscribers. Those subscribers will hopefully be real and active because the channel also needs to maintain 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months. That is watch hours, not views. This is a significantly more daunting challenge for new content creators.

So, what options do you have?

First, you can always make a channel for the fun of it! If it happens to get bigger, you can reap the benefits and the income, but you can also just have the time of your life making book reviews or tutorials on the best fishing cast. Post those cute cat videos. Not everything you do needs to be for a grind, and you’re allowed to post videos because you like posting videos.

If you’re down to grind until you make an income, that is also a fantastic option! You can try out different strategies and keep working until you consistently get those views to monetize your channel. The most important thing is consistency. Your viewers will want to know what they can expect from you, and the algorithm will have an easier time recommending your material to new viewers if you have some sort of theme. In addition, regular posting will let the algorithm know you’re active and will encourage it to recommend your material more often.

Do You Think You’re “Too Old” to Get into YouTube?

Maybe when you asked if you’re too late to get into YouTube, you were talking more about your age than your timing.

The answer to that is an even more resounding NO! There are many beloved people on YouTube who are no longer college kids or in their early 30s.

Some popular channels feature a middle-aged man or woman explaining life as if they were teaching their kids, showing things like how to do the laundry, how to change a tire, how to remove a stain, or how to tie a tie. Others have grandpas reading bedtime stories, couples talking about their lives, people gardening as ASMR, or grandma’s cooking. There are many articles and blog posts dedicated to elderly YouTubers!

Another popular genre is information, with professors uploading content for their classes so their students can review it in their off-time, or specialists and researchers talking to their heart’s content about the things they’ve dedicated their lives to. People want to watch it.

Some beloved creators on YouTube are in their late 90’s or early 100’s! These creators just recruited their kids or grandkids to help set up the channel, and they’re making content now. You’re not too old to get into YouTube. Whatever it is that you want to share with the world, the platform is there for you to share it. Start making videos and have fun!

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