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What is a Brand Account on YouTube?


A brand account on YouTube is an account that companies or brands use. It is helpful because you can have multiple managers on the account, without having to share a password.

Brand accounts allow companies to add multiple managers to the YouTube account and have access to it. Instead of the main owner having to share his or her password for all Google accounts, he or she can add managers. The managers can then create their own login for the account.

If you’re wondering if you should change your YouTube account to a brand account, continue reading.

What is a Brand?

First of all, you may be wondering, what is a brand? Is it a person, a product, a company? Many people have many different answers, but a brand is how the person, product, or company is perceived. It is what customers say behind their back, how they feel when they use the product, and the community that is created by the creators and users.

YouTube is a great way for companies to do this. Since YouTube allows for longer videos, they can create content about their products and also about the people who run the company themselves. It allows consumers to truly see what the company is about, and they will hopefully become interested in the product. This can be a big task because it has to be strategically planned.

Due to how important it is that the company has a positive influence, a company may have multiple employees running the brand and are in charge of how the company is perceived. They all need access to the accounts, but if you give away the YouTube login, you receive access to all of the owner’s google accounts, since they are linked together. This is where a brand account comes in handy.

What is a Brand Account?

A brand account is a YouTube account that allows multiple google accounts to have access to it and log in. Everybody that has access has their own username and password, instead of one shared login. This is best for companies that have multiple employees working on the account. You don’t want them to know your password because then they would have the information for everything on your google account.

On a brand account, you can create multiple logins for each manager or person. They can then manage the YouTube account from their own google account.

Besides simplifying the login process, a brand account is different from a regular YouTube account in other ways as well. Band accounts represent a company, versus an individual person. They create videos to promote a product or service and work on maintaining the reputation of the brand itself. The content has to be strategically planned, to best represent what the company is about and what its goal is. Individual YouTube accounts are focused on the person who owns the account. They are promoting themselves and the content that they create.

Why it is helpful?

Brand accounts are helpful because multiple have access to the company’s YouTube account. Oftentimes and especially with a larger company, there are multiple people who all help manage the YouTube channel. However, a YouTube account is linked to the rest of the google accounts as well.

If the owner of the YouTube account were to give the login to all of his or her employees, they would then have access to the Gmail account, google drive account, and all google accounts linked with the login. This could get very messy. A Brand account solves this problem perfectly. It allows multiple people to be logged in with their own google account. Then nobody’s privacy is invaded and the company can still continue working.

Another benefit of having a YouTube channel for your brand is access to the analytics of the channel. You can look at the demographics, watch time, revenue, engagement, and how they interact with your channel. This is very helpful.

Without these analytics, you are basically guessing who your viewers are and what they are interested in. Analyzing these results can then help you make further educated decisions for your company. YouTube can be a great way to grow your audience in a fun and engaging way.

How to Create a Brand Account

Creating a brand account is very simple. All you have to do is log into your YouTube account and follow a few simple steps. If you are creating a new account for your brand then all you have to do is create a new channel. In the upper right-hand corner click on account settings, and then ‘see all my channels’, then ‘create a new channel’. You can then enter the channel name and customize the channel to add multiple managers.

If you are changing your existing account into a brand account then the steps are fairly similar. Click on your profile picture in the upper-right hand corner and make sure you are on the right account that you want to switch. Then click on settings, advanced settings, and ‘move channel to a brand account’. It is fairly simple, just make sure you are moving the correct YouTube account.

If you are creating a new brand account, you can then customize it to your liking and add all of the managers that you need. If you are moving an existing account to a brand account, there will be a few differences. You will lose your custom URL because there will be multiple people on the account. You will also lose your comments and messages made by the account. However, all of the videos will be transferred, along with their likes and comments. From the consumer’s viewpoint, nothing will change.

Brand accounts on YouTube are a great way for your company to control your brand and how others perceive you, as well as control who has access to the account. Multiple employees can have access to the account through their own google login, removing the breach of privacy that would come with sharing a password.

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