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25 YouTube Niche ideas for kids

Is your child interested in building and running a YouTube channel, but can’t seem to settle on a niche? Then you’ve come to the right place!

There are hundreds of different niche YouTube channels out there, and many of those niches are suitable for kids too. So gather your little creator and start discussing some of the YouTube niche ideas listed below! We’ll even include some example channels/videos to help you get started.

1. Storytelling

Children are the worst storytellers, and yet somehow, that makes them the best storytellers! Especially if your child is still learning to read, having them read books could result in some extremely cute videos.

The only thing to be cautious of with this type of channel is copyright. Some authors may not want their books to be read on your channel.

The only things you need to run a successful storytelling channel are a handful of books, a cozy reading chair, and maybe some cute decor. You don’t even have to own the books you read. You could take your child to the library and let them pick their own books for the videos. While you could help your child with words they don’t know, people will find it adorable if they stumble through a couple of words.

This YouTube channel might even help your child learn to read faster!

Want a break from reading books every so often? Have your child (or children) tell stories of their own. Watch the following video to get some fun storytelling activity ideas for your kid’s YouTube channel.

Using these activities, your kid’s YouTube channel is guaranteed to get plenty of views. And don’t forget, their English teachers will love all the extra help.

2. Music/Karaoke

Most kids love to sing and dance. But they love singing and dancing even more when they know other people are watching.

Your child could even dress up to play the part of the person in the song (an added measure they’re sure to love).

Now a “music” YouTube channel is a fairly broad category. Narrow it down to learning different instruments, singing covers, or some other musical activity. All you need for these channels are some instruments and music. Remember, singing another artist’s music could run into some copyright issues, but many enjoy the extra publicity.

The same goes for a karaoke channel. While singers love the extra publicity (usually), avoid copyright issues by using a background track other than the original one from the song. Either play your own or ask another YouTube creator if you could use theirs.

If you use someone else’s karaoke track, be sure to give them credit at the beginning or end of your video.

When filming a karaoke video with your kid, use a wide-open space like the living room. Chances are, they’re going to want to dance.

Watch this cute karaoke creation to get some ideas for your kid’s niche YouTube channel.

Anyone can do this type of channel, and everyone will love it too!

3. Cooking

Adults love cooking videos. These how-to videos make cooking not only easy but fun. Cooking videos become even more fun when there’s a kid in front of the camera.

A cooking channel is a perfect idea for a long-running niche YouTube channel. Why? Because there are millions of recipes on the internet. Have your kid pick a recipe each week and help them make it. Remember that your child should have supervision and assistance when cutting things and when using the stove or oven.

Not only will you have a successful YouTube channel, but you’ll have (potentially) tasty food to try out each week!

If or when your child’s cooking channel takes off, you could start asking the subscribers for recipe ideas. The more involved the viewers are, the more likely they are to keep watching.

The best part about a cooking channel is that you already have all the dishes and appliances you need. All you need is the recipes, the ingredients, and a cute apron. With these items, your child is ready to succeed.

Check out this kid and his culinary creations in the following video. Don’t believe that a cooking channel could be successful? Believe it or not, Roman’s Cooking Corner has more than 42,000 subscribers and videos that average between 20 thousand and 90 thousand views each.

Hosting their own cooking channel might even inspire your child to keep cooking for the rest of their life. Talk about a useful skill!

4. Challenge Channel

Challenge channels are perhaps one of the widest niche channels your child could pursue. This type of channel is good for children who don’t like to do just one type of thing. With a challenge channel, they can do almost everything.

Take a look at some challenge ideas in the following list:

  • Try Not to Laugh/Sing/Dance
  • The Whisper Challenge
  • Chubby Funny
  • Blindfolded Drawing

5. Crafting

Crafting is a fun activity that both you and your kid can enjoy. You can find most craft supplies at the dollar store too. In other words, this is an incredibly cheap channel.

You can even have your child follow along with some kids crafting videos to prove (or disprove) if they’re kid-friendly. Watch the following video for some inspiration!

6. Joke Channel

Some of the most successful channels are those that post daily. Consistent posting helps move your kid’s channel up in the YouTube algorithm.

To post every day, the videos need to be simple. A channel that does something simple, such as tell jokes, can be uploaded every day!

So start collecting jokes, because you and your child are going to be hosting the “joke of the day.”

7. Science Experiments

Science experiments and crafting have a lot in common. You could even mix the channels. However, if your child loves experimenting with science, this channel could be the perfect option.

Not only will they have plenty of fun playing mad scientist, but they could learn a lot about the subject themselves!

Watch these kid-safe science experiments and let your child try them out.

8. Toy Unboxing/Reviews

Running an unboxing channel could be expensive at first. However, if your channel takes off, companies might start sending your child toys to unbox and review.

To kick your channel off, pick up in-the-box toys from a thrift store. This will reduce the price while still giving you plenty of content to film.

Not sure how to do an unboxing video? Watch the following example!

This video got 125 million views. That’s right, million! Toy unboxing can be extremely popular and easily monetized.

9. Art and Drawing

If your child is an artist in the making, use that for content on your channel. You could focus on one type of art or have your child try out a variety of mediums.

Don’t just stick with the basics. Take the opportunity to try things such as pottery, oil pastels, and even photography. Every art form could become a series of videos!

10. Kid Vlog

There are many successful vlogs (aka. video blogs) run by adults, but even a kid could find success in this niche area. Unfortunately, your child’s school probably wouldn’t appreciate them walking around filming all day. That said, you can still come up with plenty of content after school.

Use some of the following content ideas on your child’s vlog:

  • Growing a garden
  • Grocery shopping
  • Doing homework
  • Visiting the zoo
  • Visiting the museum
  • Play dates with friends

When running a vlog with your child, be careful not to reveal any identifying information, such as where you live. Additionally, be sure to get permission from the parents of any other children that end up in your videos.

11. How-to Videos

How-to videos and life hacks are very popular videos on YouTube. Additionally, this is a niche area that will never run out of content to cover.

Your kid could even make a how-to video on how to make a video, like the girls in the following video:

12. Reaction Videos

If you used TikTok or Facebook Reels, then you’ve seen quite a few reaction videos. Believe it or not, these videos are popular on YouTube too.

To run a reaction channel, all you need to do is record your child’s reaction to videos they watch. It really is that easy!

13. Magic Tricks

What kid doesn’t want to be a magician? That said, magic takes a lot of practice. Don’t wait until your child has mastered sleight of hand, start recording them at the beginning of their magical journey and keep filming once they’ve mastered it.

Your child and their subscribers will love these videos. If your child gets discouraged when their tricks don’t turn out quite right, just remind them that this is something that takes practice.

14. Daily/Weekly News Broadcast

Watching the daily news can get kind of grim, but listening to the news as told by a child will brighten it up. If you want a lower-maintenance channel, film a weekly news broadcast rather than daily.

Throughout the week, collect local, national, and international child-friendly news. Have your child dress up as a newscaster and deliver the report! They could even use a green screen to make their broadcast seem more life-like.

15. Lego Building

Kids love playing with toys, especially legos. These tiny building blocks allow them to be creative in many different ways.

You could film similar videos of your child playing with a variety of different toys. Check out this lego building video to see just how creative your child’s channel can be.

16. Exercise Videos

While exercise videos are popular with adults, kids love them too. However, exercise videos designed for adults don’t keep children involved. But children teaching children is guaranteed to keep them engaged.

If you enjoy fitness and exercise, you could always film mommy and me (or daddy and me) workout videos. Exercise videos may include dance workouts, kid-friendly yoga, and daily stretches.

17. Motivational Videos

Kids always seem to have the best outlook on things. For this reason, your child would be the perfect motivational speaker. Ask your child to film motivational quotes once a week or every day. Add some dramatic film filters and upload them to YouTube.

Motivational kid speakers have been extremely popular in the past. Remember Kid President? His videos, such as the one below, are still referenced and viewed to this day.

In a tumultuous world, some extra motivation is definitely needed.

18. Tutoring / Teaching

If your child loves to teach and is especially good at a certain subject, they could teach other kids via their YouTube channel.

Math videos are especially popular information for these niche channels.

19. Interviews

Your child meets new people almost every single day. When your child meets a new person, ask them if they’re willing to do an interview for a YouTube channel.

Start this channel by interviewing family members including siblings, parents, and grandparents.

20. Geography

The world is an interesting place, and few of us know much about it.

Your child could help spread some of the interesting facts about the earth by sharing geography facts on their YouTube channel. This might include the height of Mount Everest or the age of a redwood tree.

21. Food Videos

While we already mentioned cooking videos, what about food tasting videos? Prepare or find a series of exotic food and record your child’s reactions. Have them give a review on the food.

Their genuine reactions to these exotic or unordinary foods will give plenty of content for their channel.

22. Random Facts

Everybody loves to learn new things, and the best way to learn them is in a random order.

A random facts channel can be low maintenance by posting several random facts a week or a bit more intense with a random fact of the day.

Think about all the knowledge your child will learn running this channel. Watch the following video to learn some fun facts for your child’s channel.

23. Hairstyle Tutorials

Perhaps your little girl loves doing her own hair. You can prevent her from cutting it all off (or getting things stuck in it) by allowing her to host her own Hairstyle tutorial channel.

24. History

As mentioned in previous channel ideas, viewers love learning new things. While history might have seemed a boring subject in middle school, it is very popular on YouTube.

If your kid’s channel takes off, teachers might even use your videos in their classrooms!

25. Adventuring

Your child can go on everyday adventures. Whether it’s going for a walk or road-tripping across the country, subscribers will love seeing where you and your child visit next!

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